Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Katrina Kaif fan commits suicide: Unfortunately the actress does not know

A man named Motilal is feared to have committed suicide after he failed to meet his favorite actress, Katrina Kaif. The incident took place in Bhopal, where Katrina Kaif was shooting for her upcoming movie, Rajneeti. A large crowd of die hard fans gathered to get a glimpse of the actress and the young man was also in the crowd but he failed to meet the actress of her dream. Frustrated, the man jumped into a lake.

The young man did not leave any suicide note but police recovered his identity card from his pocket. A senior police officer said:

"An identity card with the name Motilal on it has been found from his pocket. The youth appears to be around 24-25 years old but there is no clue about his address. He had left no suicide note either."

Unfortunately, Katrina Kaif is not aware of the event. Even film crews are not aware of it. And they can not be blamed for that. This is a very tragic incident. Just because he failed to meet his most favorite actress, Motilal committed suicide. Love and devotion for any thing is good but when it becomes too serious that it even costs one’s life then it is not good. Every year, during the football or cricket world cup, suicide incidents of crazy football or cricket fans come in the news. The defeat of their favorite team hurts them so much that they can not handle the grief. This is really tragic.

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