Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Opera 10 Browser: The Answer to Our Prayers from Third World?

Opera 10 is now becoming very popular and according to Techcrunch, it was Downloaded 10 Million Times In Its First Week. Until now, Opera was considered to a mino compared to Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and even Apple Safari. I am a die hard fan of Opera and I really cannot understand that why it is not the number one browser in the world. It has many superb features and there is no doubt that it is the fastest browser on earth. I have been using it since 2002 and I am always amazed by its speed. When Firefox came in the scene, many users became amazed and it emerged as the main rival of Internet Explorer. Anyway, Opera 10 has again showed me that why it is the only browser for people like me who live in third world countries.
I get Internet speed of just 2-10 KBPS. I know that millions of people living in third world countries have the same problem like me. Internet bandwidth is not cheap in my country and many poor countries on earth have the same problem. We can never dream of watching videos in YouTube or download anything with the speed of 1 mbps speed. So, for us, Opera is best and it surely has an edge compared to other browsers.
Opera 10 has shocked me with its speed. I really enjoyed its Turbo feature that works on slow network. The turbo feature saves a lot of time. I wish Opera 10 all the success and I also wish that Opera bosses take this market more seriously- the third world countries. In my own country, most Internet users do not have any idea about the speed of this browser. Even, many people do not know that there is a browser called Opera.
I started professional blogging on March 2006 and I can confidently say that Opera helped me a lot to become a successful blogger. The time it saved really made a lot of difference in my life. The speed is excellent. So, Opera 10 is surely the answer to my prayer. What about you?

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