Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Manchester City vs Arsenal 12 September 2009: Who Will Win?

Well, even in last season, this fixture was not a big deal. However, this time, it has become the center of attraction for many fans in England and in different corners of earth. This time, Manchester City is supposed to take the place of Arsenal in the top four in English football- this is the goal of City fans and club owner and management. However, Arsene Wenger is adamant that his young players would not give an inch to Manchester City. So, this is going to be a big match for both the clubs and for the Premier League this season.
Manchester City has played 3 matches so far in the league and won all of them and is now 4th in the point table. The other 3 clubs ahead of them have played one more match. So, City is in great shape at the start of the season and a win against the Gunners would give them a lot of boost that they can become one of the top four this season. The main significance of being in the top four is that you get to play in EUFA Champions League Next season. City has a rich owner now with lots of money and they have spent lavishly to buy quality players.
On the other hand, the story is quite opposite for Arsenal. They have to work on a tight budget as they are paying back the debt of their new stadium building project. In fact, Arsenal sold two valuable players to Manchester City. The fans are very impatient now. They have waited long enough and they want to see some success without any delay. It will be a big insult for them if they lose the match against City.
I think that Arsenal will win this match against Manchester City on 12 September 2009. I think this way because this season, they have been very impressive in all the matches. They lost to Man United at Old Trafford a few days ago but even in that match they were very impressive. I think that two important players will be back in action in the match against city: Cese Fabregas and Tomas Rosicky. These two players will surely boost the midfield of the Gunners and Arsene Wenger will be very happy to have them back.
Manchester City supporters will surely want Adebayor to do some magic. City spent a fortune to Adebayor from Arsenal this Summer transfer window. He is in good shape. Bad news for City is that their Argentine player Tevez is injured and this will be a big blow for them. Tevez adds a lot of creativity in the attack.
To be honest with you, although Manchester City has won all the matches this season so far, they did not look very convincing to me. I mean that they did not win any of the matches decisively. In 3 matches, they have goal difference of +4 while Arsenal has +7 in same number of matches. And football is a sports of goals. That is why, I think that Arsenal will win the match. 

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