Sunday, September 20, 2009

Manchester United vs City Live Updates: 20 September 2009

Manchester United (4) vs Manchester City (3)

Manchester United won the match 4-3. This is the first defeat for Manchester City this season.

97 minutes: United clinched a dramatic winner at Old Trafford. I could not understand why there were 7 minutes of extra time because I did not see any time-killing incident during the match.

96 minutes: Michael Owen scored the Winner for United.

93 minutes: United made a number of attacks in the last few minutes, but nothing happened.

90 minutes: WHAT a goal from Bellamy. The goal reminds me of Maradona's famous goal against England in 1986.

89 minutes: Micah Richards missed an easy chance for City.

86 minutes: City is looking for another equalizer.

83 minutes: Petrov comes in for De Jong.

80 minutes: Free kick for United. Giggs took it and it is GOAL! United scored thanks to Fletcher.

78 minutes: Berbatov is going out, Owen is coming in.

75 minutes: Another good attack from United, but City defense was up to the mark.

72 minutes: United attack is coming in a flurry towards City. This time Berbatov head went off the target.

71 minutes: Once again it is Shay Given who denied United a goal. Giggs shot was blocked by the Irish for a corner.

68 minutes: Shay Given once again saved City. Berbatov headed to a Giggs cross, but Given did not give any chance to United.

65 minutes: Corner for Manchester United, Giggs took it, but Berbatov header was blocked by Given. Then another corner for United.

61 minutes: United is attacking more at this moment.

58 minutes: Bellamy shown yellow card.

55 minutes: Corner for United.

52 minutes: Bellamy scored equalizer for City.

51 minutes: United again threatened, but Park shot went off the target.

49 minutes: Fletcher put United ahead in the game as he headed home a cross from the left side.

46 minutes: Second half started.

It is now halftime at Old Trafford. We will be back with second half updates. So, be with us.

45+2 minutes: Bellamy's free kick was blocked by Foster, then Lescott got it, but his shot went just wide off the target.

45 minutes: 2 minutes of extra time added on.

44 minutes: What a MISS! Tevez got Foster in a one-to-one situation. Still, it hit the sidebar. This is perhaps the best chance City got in the match so far.

43 minutes: Vidic was shown yellow card.

40 minutes: United is trying to score and made some good attacks in the last few minutes.

36 minutes: Anderson shown yellow card for tackling Tevez.

33 minutes: City is attacking more at this moment.

30 minutes: City got a free kick from just outside the box. Tevez free kick hit the human wall and then City got another free kick.

27 minutes: Tevez shown yellow card for falling Ferdinand down illegally.

24 minutes: Good attack by City, but Tevez header went over the bar.

22 minutes: City is now on attack, but United got a free kick.

17 minutes: City scored the equalizer. United conceded a silly goal. Tevez acquired the ball from Foster and then passed it to Barry at the edge of the box. Barry did not make any mistake to slot the ball into the post.

15 minutes: City is trying to score, but they seem to be disorganized.

12 minutes: Free kick for Manchester City.

8 minutes: Manchester United is playing at this moment. Giggs, Andersen, Fletcher are controlling the midfield.

5 minutes: Manchester United is now dominating and they look very confident.

2 minutes: United scored thanks to Wayne Rooney.

1 minute: Tevez is playing and he had a threatening attack in United box.

Manchester United and Manchester City are facing each other today. The match kicks off very soon.

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