Friday, September 25, 2009

West Indies: A Shadow of the Past Team

If you want to get live score of Australia-West Indies match live score then visit the link- Australia vs West Indies Live Action: ICC Champions Trophy 2009

Even calling it a shadow is like an insult to the past team of West Indies. Well, the problem is that the cricket board and the players are engaged into a bitter conflict about money and the board officials became too much stubborn. They tried to teach the national players a lesson and fielded a third class team against Bangladesh and now in Champions Trophy 2009. This is the best example of stupidity by any cricket board in the history of this game.
Anyway, this shadow team did not play that bad yesterday against Pakistan but tomorrow they are going to face Australia. Australia is the current world champion and I hope that they will thrash West Indies in the best way possible. You can find more information about this match here: Australia vs West Indies Match Analysis and Live Score
In the last match, West Indies will play against India and they will perhaps get another thrashing. Well, money is a big factor in international cricket today. Cricket is losing popularity in West Indies. This kind of conflict between the players and board officials is not good at all.

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