Friday, September 25, 2009

Messi under pressure for Argentina performance

Lionel Messi is perhaps the best player in the world and he is playing for Barcelona for he is very successful. Last year Barcelona won almost everything. Barcelona won the trophy of La Liga and UEFA champions’ league. This is great achievement for any player and there is a strong possibility that he will become the FIFA player of the year for 2009. Well, the problem is that now he is not equally successful with his country Argentina national football team. You know that Argentina national football team is almost now on the threat of getting out of the final stage of world cup football 2010 which will take place next year in South Africa.
ESPN reported:
Coach Diego Maradona's team, who lost their last two qualifiers 3-1 to Brazil and 1-0 in Paraguay, are in fifth place in the South American group, which is a playoff berth.
"I alone won't win a match...this is down to all of us who are in the team," Messi told a radio station in Rosario, the city of his birth.

Messi thinks that the criticism against him is just unfair. He believes that football is not a match of one player only. He is trying his best but if Argentina has to quality then all the eleven players have to play very well. This is true and at the same time I like to say that the other players have to come forward and take their responsibility. Messi is not playing bad but he needs a lot of support especially from mid-field players if Argentina wants to go to the final. However, this Barcelona player is confident that they can indeed qualify. 

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