Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Writing Online: Earning Money, SEO and Quality Content

I guess that this is a dilemma everyone who writers for Internet have to face no matter how talented he or she is. When you are writing for Internet then rules are different. You have to think that your content must earn money. In Internet, there are not a lot of opportunities to earn money by selling your articles. Instead, there are many opportunities to earn money through getting good amount of visitors for your content. This model of advertisement revenue for traffic is more common in the web.
If you want to write for the web then you must know something about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. For example, one of the things that you should adhere to is that you to put your important keyword in your title. If you come up with a shocking title then Search Engines may not understand the topic you are focusing and this way, your article may not generate good number of visitors.
This takes us to the dilemma that if you focus on SEO then will you lose your quality? The answer is no. Fortunately, search Engines like Google value an article on a number of factors and one of the most important factors is that whether your article or your website get linked by other websites. If you produce quality content then be sure that other website owners or bloggers will happily mention about it and even give link.
So, in the end, you must know about Search Engine Optimization but you do not need to give up quality. These are the two most important things you should remember if you want to earn money by writing online. 

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  1. search engine bots only sees in your website is 'text' for them to categorize and indexed your website...and of course the 'relevancy' of the content. Therefore, have a quality content(rich) for them to hunt you down...