Friday, October 16, 2009

Champions League T20: A Failure in All Fronts?

I was reading some news reports in different websites about Champions League T20. It seems that the tournament failed in both ways- TV ratings and ticket sales. Well, BCCI officials are perhaps not that much worried because TV rights have been already sold to ESPN in advance for many years. It is ESPN officials who are perhaps very worried now. On the other hand, Set Max TV channel’s owners are perhaps very happy that they did not get the TV rights of Champions League T20. Set Max has IPL rights and they had very good viewership in 2008 and 2009.
What about the ticket sales then? I guess that most people are tired of too much cricket. Some people had this thing in mind surely that from just after few days, India-Australia ODI series would start. So, it is better to spend the money on that instead of Champions League T20 matches.
Tomorrow, Royal Challenger Bangalore vs Delhi Daredevils match would take place. Many TV experts would have a keen eye on the TV rating of that match. Hopefully, all the tickets will be sold for the first time in the tournament. 

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