Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Observations about Web Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

I have written this entry in another blog about Web Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. If you are interested about this field then you should take a look and spend some time reading it. In fact, I wrote more than 2,000 words and there, I wrote about the potentials and challenges about this thing. I also made some recommendations. So, if you are a researcher about Bangladesh then it may be of some help to you. I am promoting this entry not only because I wrote about it but simple because there is a serious lack of content about Information Technology sector of Bangladesh. For many years, I have felt that there should be a very good portal in English language about the ICT sector of the country.
We talk a lot about outsourcing these days. If we want to attract projects from abroad then we have to showcase our country and our ability through a good website. It must be in English language.  I will be very happy indeed if some people can any benefit from this entry of mine. 

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