Monday, October 19, 2009

Maldives Government Held a Cabinet Meeting under Indian Ocean to Create Awareness about Global Warming

We know that Maldives is facing a huge threat for its survival in the near future as sea level rise caused by global warming could submerge the country. Many things have been written and said about this issue. Even, global community also raised their voice against global warming, showing their unity with the island country. Recently, Maldives government has taken an unprecedented initiative to create more concern about the issue.

Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has recently held a special cabinet meeting with eleven of his cabinet ministers under the Indian Ocean. It has been one of the many attempts taken by Maldives government to create awareness among the global community about global warming and the volatile future of the country which is the lowest-lying nation in the world.

Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009 is coming up next and there is no doubt, Maldives government is trying to attract the attention of global community regarding the condition of the country by taking this recent initiative. Now, let us see if the latest attempt can make a significant effect on Maldives battle against global warming.

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