Monday, October 19, 2009

Mukesh Ambani vs Anil Ambani: Background Information Behind their Fighting

Reuters has an excellent report on the conflict between the Ambani brothers. The two brothers are at odds against each other for the last few years after their father died. Mukesh Ambani has now wealth of nearly $19.5 billion while the younger brother Anil has wealth of nearly $10.1. They are among richest people in the whole world and yet they are fighting very bitterly. Unfortunately, this conflict is bringing a lot of negative publicity for the energy sector in India. Some foreign investors are also worried about the role of Indian government in this conflict.  
Indian economy suffered a lot in the last few months because of economic recession and now, when things are becoming better in the US economy, this family feud may hurt the prospect of recovery of Indian economy. The court is now trying to resolve the issue. However, the problem is that the two brothers are in a deadlock position and it seems that no one except themselves can bring a solution. Even if there is a court verdict soon, they have the money and lawyers to continue the matter in court for another many months. So, you should read this report of Reuters on the conflict of the two brothers. 

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