Monday, October 19, 2009

Elisabeth Hasselbeck nipple: What to be exited about?

Normally, in my blogs, I try to avoid writing about anything that is related to this kind of topic. However, rest assured that I am not going to post any image of that part of the body of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Fortunately, the picture is not available in Internet. Still many people are interested about and searching it in Google. Well, what happened is that she recently had a baby and she took a picture of the baby when he had his first smile. Anyway, the picture was taken by a iPhone and along with the smile of the boy there was her nipple. In excitement she did not notice that and instantly sent the picture to some family members who were in her mailing list.
She was out of the popular talk show The View for few weeks and she returned and told this story. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is famous for her right wing attitude and open support for people like Sarah Palin. So, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a celebrity figure. I really cannot understand that why so many people are excited about this simple thing. After all, they are watching pictures of nipples of girls and women all the time in real life and in television, movies and Internet.
I also failed to understand why Elisabeth Hasselbeck brought up this issue in her return to the talk show. Perhaps she is upset that Obama got Nobel Prize for Peace recently. That is why, in extreme unhappiness, she forgot everything and brought up the story of her picture.  

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