Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arsene Wenger Should Become the Owner of Arsenal Shares

You may laugh at me for saying this but I will again reiterate it strongly because Wenger is growing old and most probably after 5 years, he will no longer be the coach of Arsenal anymore. At least, my idea is much better than searching about Raquel Houghton Dane Cook Girlfriend in Internet.
Wenger has given his whole life for the club and fans admire him for it. Although he could not bring any trophy for the last few seasons, the fans have still a lot of faith on him. At this moment, Stan Kroenke is poised to get the 29.9% share and then he will have to make a bid for owning the club. I believe that Wenger can manage the club much better than Stan Kroenke or any other share holder because Wenger is dedicated and committed to the club 100%.
Well, there is just one problem. Arsene Wenger is not a rich man and he cannot buy the club. The fans have to come forward in this regard and donate some money. Just imagine if 1 million fans just donate 500 pounds each and it should be enough to buy all the shares of the club. It is possible, isn’t it? 

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