Sunday, November 22, 2009

Can Shilpa Shetty Wedding Pics Create Same Madness like Aishwarya Rai?

Shilpa Shetty is 34 years old and it is perhaps late marriage for an Indian girl. However, for Bollywood actresses, this is perhaps the ideal time. For example, in 2007, when Aishwarya Rai got married, she was 33 years old. You already know that Shilpa Shetty is getting married to Raj Kundra who is a rich businessman in London. This is also perhaps a common trend among Indian actresses-marring a rich businessman. The wedding is taking place tonight (22nd November 2009). I noticed that many people are searching for shilpa shetty marriage photos and shilpa shetty wedding pics.
Well, the funny thing is that Shilpa has kept media mostly out of the wedding ceremony. That is why, I could not find any pictures of the marriage ceremony anywhere. She received an offer from a British magazine to cover the event. The offer was of Rs. 5 million. This is a good amount of money. However, the magazine wanted to put too much restriction on the guests about taking pictures. Both Shilpa Shetty and her husband are rich and they do not need to take this money. They can perhaps take their own pictures and later sale to the media if they want.
Here, I like to remind you that in 2007 a lot of media buzz took place around the wedding of Aishwarya Rai. However, this time I do not find so much madness around the marriage ceremony of Shilpa Shetty. I think there are two reasons behind it. First of all, Aishwarya Rai is much bigger actress than Shilpa. Secondly, Aishwarya Rai got married to Abhishek Bachchan who is a leading actor of Bollywood. On the other hand, hardly anyone knows about the husband of Shilpa Shetty.
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So, in the end what do you think? 

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