Monday, November 9, 2009

Katt Williams arrested for burglary: Why I am not Surprised

Katt Williams is a famous comedian and he is a celebrity. Now, there are reports all over Internet that he was arrested for burglary. There is another version of the story: he was a guest in the house and according to his lawyer, he did not steal anything. So, most probably, it will take another few hours or days to clean up the smokes regarding Katt Williams arrested for burglary.
I am not surprised with this matter because suppose he has really done it then why we should get surprised? He is not the only celebrity to do something like this. Celebrities in USA have stood on murder trials. Secondly, suppose he did not do it, then the persons who called the police to arrest him were either annoyed with him or wanted to take revenge for something.
CNN reported:
Williams has been living in the Coweta County, Georgia, home for nearly a month while filming a movie produced by Hankerson, attorney William Briggs said.
Williams, 38, was arrested early Monday after an employee of Hankerson's -- Daniel Paul Broach -- called police and reported Williams had broken into the home with a crowbar, the police report said.

So, things are not good for Katt Williams at this moment. He was not a bad student but he wanted to be a comedian and became successful in this profession. It seems that he is often in the media headlines. This time, he is in the media headlines for something that no one would be happy. 

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