Monday, November 9, 2009

Sri Lanka: After Civil War Looking for Foreign Investors

At last, there is some peace in Sri Lanka. In the last few months, we did not hear of any violence escalating in big level. Well, the civil war may have ended but national reconciliation is yet to take place in the country. Anyway, Sri Lankan government officials know that they have to try for economic growth now. So, the country is trying to attract foreign investment.

Business Standard reported:

Sri Lanka is entering a new phase of economic growth after the recent resolution of the conflict with the Tamil Tigers separatist group. It is aggressively seeking to make the region investor- friendly for global businesses.
It is also seeking to invest in India’s banking, financial services and tourism sectors. Two of the country’s leading hotel chains – John Keells and Aitken Spence – are planning a major foray each into India. Other details of the investment could not be ascertained.


Hopefully, now Sri Lanka will have more business friendly environment. The country has perhaps the highest rate in literacy in South Asia and before the civil war started, many people dreamt that it would become another Singapore

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