Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Cricket for Pakistan Fans at Last

Well, the series will take place in UAE not in Pakistan. As you know, the country comes to media headlines on a regular basis for the on going violence and terrorist attacks in different cities. So, other teams do not want to come here to play. In fact, earlier this year, Sri Lankan cricket team came and were the victim of terrorist attack. After that, no country is willing to send their cricket team to Pakistan. So, you should not be shocked to see that the upcoming Pakistan vs New Zealand series would take place in UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) instead of Pakistan. Tomorrow, is the first One Day International Match and if you want to get detailed information dn analysis, I would like you to visit the following entries:

All I want is that it becomes enjoyable for the cricket fans of Pakistan and New Zealand. Ten Sports has got the TV rights.

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