Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who will win in India vs Australia 4th ODI 2009?

The match is a day night and although it the first day of Working week, it does not matter to the fans. You can expect the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali will be full. Specially, India is now leading the series 2-1 and this is like an added incentive to go the stadium or sit in front of television.
I think that India would win the match tomorrow. The main reason for such thinking is that Australian players are suffering from injuries and except Pointing and Hussey no one is getting run. There is some kind of run draught among the batsmen. Ravi Shastri thinks: Australia’s defensive mindset let them down
About the match, I like you to read the two entries:
Australian bowlers are also struggling against Indian batsmen. They were famous for their killing instincts. However, the absence of Brett Lee is a big problem now. Because of injury, they have become weak in every department of cricket.
For Australian players, there is one thing to remember. If they lose the match then AUSTRALIA will be deposed as the world's top-ranked one-day team. So, for them, a lot is at stake. 

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