Friday, November 27, 2009

What is the most Expensive Laptop in The World?

In another blog, I wrote this entry 3 years ago:
I just noticed that there are 37 comments in this entry. It shows that many people are interested about this kind of information. Well, I just wrote about the most expensive and cheapest. OLPC is undoubtedly the cheapest laptop. However, the emergence of netbooks by companies like Asus and Acer has perhaps made OLPC almost irrelevant to the ordinary consumers. In fact, now, most people don’t bother about OLPC in the western countries.
To come back to the topic, he most expensive laptop does not have anything significant except the fact that there are some diamonds. So, you can easily guess that the price of $350,000 is mainly for the diamonds not for any computing feature. I really don’t care to have one even if I become insanely rich. In fact, there are other things to buy like rare paintings not the most expensive laptop.
Rich people have weird taste and companies take advantage of this matter. There are so many hungry children in the world that I really cannot understand that how a person can get any mental satisfaction by spending this amount of money for buying a laptop.   

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  1. great insight into the notebook market. I think it is generally unnecessary to spend so much money for the computer if we should not compromise quality with price.