Thursday, December 17, 2009

Arsenal: Arsene Wenger Unhappy with Fixture

Arsene Wenger has reacted sharply about the current fixture list of Arsenal. He thinks that it is unfair and it is hurting his club. Well, he has perhaps some logic behind this but he should not forget that it is a matter of purely luck. This Saturday, Arsenal is going to play again Hull. Hull got a break because Everton is playing in Europa League later tonight.
BBC reported:
Arsenal play Hull, who have not played since 12 December, on Saturday after away games on Sunday and Wednesday.
"The guy who organised the fixtures this season must have come from a special school, because he's more intelligent than I am," said Wenger.
"I think the Premier League has a basic promise to organise the fixtures in a normal way."

Well, despite being a passionate Arsenal fan, I do not agree with Wenger. This is natural and it happens to other clubs too. The people who are making the fixtures have to take many points into considerations. If Arsenal was not suffering from so many injuries, Wenger would not have complained either. 

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