Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Name is Khan: Is Shahrukh Acting Impolitely in its Promotion

It is clear that Shahrukh Khan is trying his best to promote his upcoming movie My Name is Khan. There is nothing wrong in it. He is a top actor of Bollywood and his professionalism is praise worthy. However, I did not like his strategy in the grand premiere of Hollywood movie ‘Avatar’. It is directed by James Cameron and produced by FOX. Shahrukh Khan was present in the premiere like many other Bollywood celebrities. In this program, SRK hardly said anything about the film Avatar but mainly talked about his upcoming movie My Name is Khan.
I think that it is not professionalism but impoliteness. The media is always eager to get anything from top figures like SRK. He can give as many interviews to as many newspapers, TV channels, websites and FM radio stations he wants about My Name is Khan. However, he should not try to take away the attention of another movie. This is really unethical- at least to me.
I think that other Bollywood actors and actresses should not follow SRK and instead try to come out of this kind of bad strategy. Unfortunately, Vivek Oberoi and Vidhu Vinod Chopra did the same thing. 

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