Saturday, December 19, 2009

Decisive Victory For Arsenal against Hull City

In the end, the score was Arsenal 3-0. Hull City was lucky. They did not play that bad but they were really unlucky. They got a penalty but could not score. Arsenal scored the first goal just before the first half. It was a sublime freekick from Denilson. It is one of the best goals of the season for the Gunners. Then Hull got the penalty but could not score. The second goal was scored by Eduardo (59 minutes) and then the third goal was by Diaby (80 minutes). In the Arsneal could have scored another 2-3 goals. The players of the two sides were involved in fighting for few moments and the referee had to intervene.
It was a big challenge for the Gunners because they were without a number top players. They missed Fabregas a lot and I hope that Fabregas can come back soon. Arsehvin played very well but was unlucky not to get a goal. Earlier in the day, Manchester United lost to Fulham 0-3. So, with this score, Arsenal came close to touching Man United. Now, Arsenal is in the third position behind Chelsea and Manchester United.   

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