Saturday, December 19, 2009

Manchester City Roberto Mancini in place of Coach Mark Hughes

18 months is not perhaps a long time for any football coach but the super rich owner of Manchester City felt that it was more than enough and he decided to appoint Roberto Mancini. Well, I am against of spending quick cash in football. Yes, it is true that at the beginning of the season, Mark Hughes spent a lot of club money to buy some new players. However, you have to give him some time to ensure that the players can play as a team. It is not easy because most of the first eleven players are new. So, they need some time to form a unit.
I am sure that Mark Hughes will not have any problem to find a new job. I wonder how much time Roberto Mancini will have before he has to exit. Frankly, with the current squad, I am not hopeful of Manchester City finishing in the top 4 of league table this season.
I am a big Arsenal supporter and I am really happy that Arsenal board and supporters remained patient with Arsene Wenger for the last 5 years. 

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