Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gillette and Tag Heuer: No Tiger Woods Ads for the Time Being

It all started with a car crash accident and after that the Pandora’s box was indeed opened for Tiger Woods. It seems that for the last two weeks, he is in the media headlines consistently at least in USA. Well, Woods is an internationally famous celebrity and he attracted various companies for sponsorship deals. Some of them have decided that there should be some kind of stoppage of showing advertisements related to Woods. Tag Heuer and Gillette are two such companies.
Of course none of them said that this has anything to do with the sex scandals of Tiger Woods that has caused a lot of criticism for the golf legend. However, you can easily understand that he is not a great asset for these companies at this moment. Displaying his ads would not bring any good will among the consumers about companies like Tag Heuer or Gillette.
Tiger Woods is one of the richest sports celebrities and naturally, he has deals with many multinational companies. The recent scandals is bad news for these companies because now they will have to find another icon in his stature. This is not easy at all.

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