Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pakistan vs New Zealand Hockey Champions Challenge 2009 Final: Live Score and Live TV Details

The match of Pakistan vs New Zealand will take place in Argentina within a few hours. It is a great tragedy that India and Pakistan have to take part in Hockey Champions Challenge tournament. This tournament is for second class countries in field hockey. 

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Pakistan vs New Zealand Live Action Updates: Champions Challenge Hockey 2009 Final

Together, India and Pakistan have the most number of Olympic Gold Medals. Well, it is a thing of the past now. Unfortunately, both the countries have lost their dominance even in Asian region to South Korea.
In the semi finals, Pakistan defeated their arch rivals India by 6-3. On the other hand, New Zealand defeated host Argentina by 3-2.
So, tonight, Pakistan and New Zealand will play to become the champion of this event. Both of these two countries will try their best to win because winning matters a lot. Whoever wins will qualify for next Champions Trophy. Pakistan looks to be favorite team to win against New Zealand. However, you should not take the Kiwis lightly because they defeated the host country. It means that they have something in them. However, I think that Pakistan will win the match in the end.
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Who will win?

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