Friday, December 11, 2009

Live TV Information of Miss World 2009

Not even 24 hours are left before Miss World 2009. I wonder if the economic recession has taken away some of the fanfare and glamour from this beauty pageant. This time, there is not much buzz in the media about it. Today, I was watching Zee Café for a long time. Zee Café s the TV Channel that is supposed to broadcast Miss World 2009 Live in South Asia.
It will be broadcast live in nearly 100 countries of the world and it is expected that nearly 1 billion people may watch it. So, it is a very big event for TV channels around the world. I guess that revenue from TV rights is one of the major sources of income for the organizers.
The time is good for Asian and European viewers but I don’t think that it will attract a huge audience from USA. Well, Miss World 2009 is taking place in South African and the time is idea for African viewers too.
In the recent years, beauty pageants have received a lot of criticism from feminist supporters. 

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