Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NSE and BSE to Increase Trading Time: Indian Share Market

NSE is the largest stock exchange in India and then is BSE. Because of growing economy, naturally, the share market is expanding too. Many foreign ad multinational companies have got indexed in Indian share markets in the last one decade. Earlier this year, when Congress won the election decisively many investors got optimistic about the future. There is now more investment from foreign investors too. So, BSE and NSE are going to extend their trading time to accommodate more trading.
Bloomberg reported:
The Bombay Stock Exchange yesterday said it changed trading hours to attract overseas investors from Hong Kong and Singapore bourses, which break at 12:30 p.m. local time, coinciding with the opening of the Indian stock markets.
Overseas investors bought a net $16.8 billion of Indian equities this year, approaching the record $17.2 billion they purchased in 2007, that’s fueled a 75 percent advance in the benchmark Sensitive Index.

Well, I think that Indian media should broadcast more programs on the stock exchange. Many people are not aware of the risks with the stock exchange and just a few years ago, many people suffered. 

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  1. American mkt is running for 4.30 hrs,but indian mkt time increased from 5.30 hrs to 6.30hrs.This will mentally harash dealer,more consumtion of electricity,internet & boring when no-voltile.Thus how can govt earn money.So, i request that Our mkt should be 4.30hrs which will lead to healthy dealers,brokers & govt also.