Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Name is Khan Video Trailer and First Look

For SRK fans, perhaps the wait is over- almost. Yes, now you can find ‘My Name is Khan’ trailer and first look. It is perhaps going to be one of most anticipated movies of 2010. Some blind fans of Shah Rukh Khan are dreaming that this movie may earn him an Oscar Award. Well, this movie will surely earn a lot of money for Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan. In fact, it has already generated a lot of interest in India and will be screened at Berlin International Film Festival 2010. So, let us see if it really bring a huge success for Karan and SRK.
Bollywood film industry had a rough year thanks to the economic recession. I cannot think of any movie that achieved huge success in the box office in 2009. So, there is some expectations that ‘My Name is Khan’ can help to change the fortune of Bollywood box office in 2010. The movie will be released in second week of February 2010 just before Valentine’s Day.
Earlier today, trailer was released in Star TV Channels. The main goal of Karan and SRK is to earn a lot of money. I like the professional and business attitude of these two persons about My Name is Khan.
As for the video trailer, here is something from YouTube:

Did you enjoy it? 

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