Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Woods Divorce: Any Lesson to be Learnt?

Now, there is a lot of reports and speculations in the media that the wife (Elin Nordegren) of Tiger Woods is going for a divorce. Elin Nordegren perhaps thinks now that enough is really enough. There is no official confirmation from her or her lawyer about that but PEOPLE is almost sure that their sources are right and divorce is just a matter of time. At this point, perhaps two things are important as far as Tiger Woods Divorce is concerned. I think that the first issue will be the guardianship of children.
I am not a lawyer or an expert on this kind of thing but I think there is a strong possibility that the court will give Elin Nordegren custody of the two children because first of all she is a mother and secondly, Tiger Woods is a lousy husband and father. The second issue that will be important is the division of property. Tiger Woods is a billionaire. So, a lot of money is at stake and Elin Nordegren will surely want to get as much as possible. I don’t think there is anything wrong in it because she has been a good wife. At least, we never heard anything inconsistent in her role as a wife.
What is the lesson to be learnt? Well, first of all divorce is a common a matter in USA and nearly half of the marriages get destroyed. One thing surely the media can do is to criticize the celebrity persons more when they are unfaithful in their love life whether married or unmarried. 
In Hollywood movies and US TV shows, we often find the hero having relationships with many girls. Sometimes, in TV serials, there is a new pretty actress in each episode. Secondly, it is also assumed that sports heroes (like Tiger Woods) would go to night clubs and meet new and exciting women when they are not married. Instead, the media can glorify the idea of a man being dedicated to his wife or GF and not becoming interested about other girls. After all, Tiger Woods divorce is not bringing any kind of happiness for anyone.  
If you are a girl then just remember that when you are going to marry a male celebrity then you surely run into the risk of you husband being interested about other girls. This happens a lot to male celebrities. I am not justifying what Tiger Woods did but all I want to say is that this will not be the last time that  a male celebrity will be unfaithful to his wife. 

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