Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Parker Griffith: Democrat, Republican or Independent?

Today, the media headlines are dominated by the news that Parker Griffith a Representative from Alabama for the Democratic Party has decided to change his side or joining the Republican Party. It wont matter that much to the either party but it seems that no one is very happy with Parker Griffith. Of course, the Democrats are very annoyed and perhaps to some extent angry with him because they lost a member. However, may be, in their mind, they are some happy because Parker Griffith’s voting record shows that he voted against the party on several big issues. So, may be it is good that he left and this way, they wont need to bother about him.
The Republicans are perhaps happy but not excited because his voting record does not satisfy the conservative group of the party either. So, even if they accept Parker Griffith, it will be difficult for them to embrace him. The Republican leaders of his area would surely love to see a true Republican occupying his seat.
So, perhaps, the best way for Parker Griffith is to go independent and make a political career for himself outside of the two parties. Well, it is very difficult in USA.

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