Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roy Disney Dies at 79: He Will be Remembered for His Creativity

Roy Disney died earlier today after fighting against cancer. He is the son of Roy Oliver Disney and nephew of Walt Disney. Roy Disney was related to The Walt Disney Company for more than 5 decades and he always valued creativity. Although he was the son and nephew of the company founders, he was never a spoilt man. Instead, all his life, he was dedicated to the Walt Disney and he tried his best for it. He also gave a lot of freedom to the workers under him.
You should not think that without The Walt Disney Company, there is nothing to talk about Roy. He was a good writer and perhaps a better director too. He was fond of sailing and achieved some records in this sports.
CNN wrote:
He received two Oscar nominations. One was as a writer and production associate on the 1959 short subject film "Mysteries of the Deep," and the second was for his work in 2003 as executive producer of "Destino," a film based on storyboards and original art by the iconic artist Salvador Dali.
Disney founded Shamrock Holdings, an investment company owned by the Disney family, in 1978.    
Thus, Roy was a legend in his own capacity and he will be remembered for many things. 

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