Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple iPad Tablet PC: No Interest in India?

Today, my fellow blogger, Mehdi Hassan is very busy and he spent many hours to write this entry in another blog: 30 things about Apple iPad tablet PC. Well, I was also curious about this device because it will be perhaps one of the top 3 gadgets of 2010. Anyway, I visited Google Trends India and I was shocked to see that Apple iPad is not the list of most searched topic. It was very odd to me. On the other hand, in Google trends USA, people are just searching about it.
I think that the main reason for this lack of interest is that it has not been launched in India yet. Secondly, its price range in USA is from $499-$829 and it is too much expensive for average Indian consumers. So, it will not be a popular gadget in India and we saw the same thing about iPhone. I don’t think that Apple is going to give any subsidy for iPads in India or in other countries of South Asia.
iPad tablet PC can become an useful tool for people who browse Internet a lot. I wish I can get one some day. 

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  1. $799 is a lot of money for a Apple Tablet PC but it will be cool. That alone will sell millions of these things!