Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coming back to Blogging after a Long Illness

I have literally become sick and tired of writing in different blogs that I have been suffering from long illness for the last 7 months. It was like 1 July 2009 to 31 January 2010. Yes, long 7 months. I had to do a very nasty teeth treatment (root canals in 7 teeth) and my health became very weak as a result. Then gained 10 KG weight in just 2 months and I started to suffer from obesity. Then, I had to try to lose that 10 KG in 2 months thanks to some vigorous weight loss dieting. I am still fighting with my excessive weight.  

At last, today, I feel some fresh. So, from tomorrow 1 February 2010, I hope to make a strong come back to full time blogging. I am a blogger and this is my full time work. Really, I feel very happy to be back to my health again. In my mind, I feel very fresh too. I was taking a look at the blogs and I felt satisfied with the fact that somehow, I could keep on going despite the fact that I could not work that much.
Before, this blog (South Asia Blog) was my main blog and I used to work hard for it. It was tragic that I had to change hosting in June and changed blogging platform from WordPress to Blogger in June 2009. After doing that I became sick and in July and August traffic decreased substantially. However, since September, things became better. Even in January 2010, the blog received 66,000 page views. Last month, it was 90,000.
I am very happy with the way things are going on. Well, I have to admit that revenue suffered but it was mainly for economic recession. I am hopeful for 2010.
I started the blog with the goal to write quality entries about South Asian business and economy. I live in Bangladesh and I love to read about everything and anything of this region. This is my favorite place on earth and I cannot be happier in any other part of the world. I again want to write good entries about South Asian business and economy. Yes, sometimes, I will write off topic entries for two reasons: getting traffic (earning money) and taking a break from business and economy. However, I will mostly stick to my original topic and try to produce content on this field.
This long illness has done one good thing for me. It has given me a lot of time to think and contemplate. I started the blog 13 months ago in the right way and did everything write but it was my bad luck that I did not have any idea of shared hosting and it suffered a very big blow. I did a big mistake by changing topic in the middle and going towards sports and entertainment instead of focusing on business and economy. Yes, I got some quick traffic but I realized that it was not a good way.
In the last two months, I discovered that it is possible to get traffic even writing about South Asian business and economy. All I need is to be regular, dedicated and give my best effort. This experience has given a lot of boost to my confidence.
I discovered one thing that when you make a come back to blogging after a long illness then the first thing you suffer from is mental strength. I never have shortage of it and I like to feel that compared to the average people, I have stronger will power.
Still, I feel a bit shaky and I lack mental strength to write in the blog. However, I have to try and things will be all right after few days of trying. They always get brighter and God has really helped me at the right moment. Yes, I have noticed when things become darkest and all hopes get lost then bright time comes. So, I am again hopeful about this blog.
In the end, I like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and I like to specially thank the Feedburner Subscribers, Blog followers and returning visitors. In the last two months, the blog received nearly 200 comments. I like to thank all the people for their comments too.
So, back to business as usual for me and this blog. 

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