Saturday, January 30, 2010

India: 8,532 City Sedan Cars to be Recalled by Honda

A faulty power window switch is the main problem and Honda is recalling more than 0.6 million cars worldwide for it. In India, the number is just 8,532 and the model in question is City Sedan. These cars were sold in 2007. Honda Siel Cars India has assured the car owners that they would not have to pay any extra money for the replacements. So, the owners would feel satisfied that they would not have to incur any kind of expense. The company has asked its dealers to find the car owners and this is a good step.
The statement of the company wrote:
"HSCI is proactively replacing the part in these vehicles related to the potential problem of smoke coming out from the power window switch if water enters the driver window when window is left open during rain or is exposed to any other liquid due to spillage. The third generation City, currently sold in India, is not affected and does not require replacement."

Honda India should put more information in the company website about this recall. Another Japanese company Toyota is also having a very tough time with the recall issue. 

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  1. Absolutely its good and Honda has increase its impression more on its customers by replacing without any charge.