Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coming back to South Asia after a Global Blogging Tour

Don’t get fooled by the title. I did not go any country but stayed in my own country for most of my life. In fact, the last time, I went to another country was 4 years ago and in the last3 years, I have confined to my own city. So, what this entry all about? What am I trying to say here? Yes, I surely have something to say.
It was March 2006 that I started professional blogging (making a living with it). I started writing for Know More Media Blog network for their blog, SouthAsiaBiz.com. It was a blog about South Asian Business. The blog became successful after 11 months of effort and then I could enjoy huge traffic for the next 10 months, it had over 2.2 million page views. The traffic of the 10 months should clearly tell you that it was a huge success. Then, I started writing in different blogs about different topics. I wrote about sports, movies and laptops in different blogs. I started this blog (South Asia Blog) 13 months ago and I used all my knowledge about blogging to make it successful. It achieved some modest success too. In 13 months, the blog had more than 760,000 page views, 1,600+ Feedburner Subscribers, Google Page Rank 6 and 6 followers. So, it is more or less a successful blog.
The only regret I have is that I did not totally try for it. I tried t spread myself too thin and as a result, this blog did not get enough attention and effort from me. I was thinking today that it could have had more than 2 or even 3 million page views in the last 13 months. It could have more than 10,000 Feedburner subscribers. After all, South Asia is the topic that I enjoy and love to write more than any other thing. When there is good traffic then there is good money too. Thus, I would not have to worry about money either.
My long illness has perhaps helped me but more than that it was my wife who asked me to come out the pressure of managing a small blog network and start to write for fun and enjoyment. Then, I thought that which blog could give me this thing? I did not need to think more than one minute. The answer was South Asia Blog or this blog. I always enjoy writing abut South Asia. This is the field that I feel very passionate and in the past, I could make another two blogs on the same topic very successful. So, why not dedicate my entire time, effort and energy for this blog? After all, I know very well that I can create useful content on South Asia easily.  
I am going to do that from now on. I am going to work on this blog only and totally try to make it successful. Of course, I cannot do it alone and I need all the support from all of you. Please, try to visit this blog on a regular basis and whenever possible please comment on the entries. Feel free to criticize me whenever you want.
Thus, I feel that after a long and exhausted global tour, I am coming back to South Asia for peace and comfort. 

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