Tuesday, February 2, 2010

iphone 3.1.3 could Create a Buzz in India Too

In the last one month, I wrote that Google Nexus One and Apple iPad failed to generate any significant interest in South Asia and India. It seems that iphone 3.1.3 has been able to do so in India. How do I know? Well, it is very easy and even you can find it too. All you need to is just check Google Trends India and there right now, you can find that iphone 3.1.3 has mild level of Interest. In Google Trends USA, the level of hotness is Volcanic. So, you can easily understand the difference in hotness between India and USA.
Still, I am surprised because iPhone is not that popular in India. In fact, most people in India still cannot afford to think of buying a smart phone. So, you should not be surprised about lack of interest for Apple products. It is quite understandable. Apple’s products are always a bit more expensive. 

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