Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nepal: Peace Won’t Come Unless People Want it Seriously

I just read this: NEPAL: Time running out for peace process. The headline says it all. It talks about the problem of Nepal. The major political parties are finding it impossible to settle their differences and thus, the country is perhaps on the verge another round of political instability. May be within the next 6 months, violence in large scale will come back and who knows civil war can again come back next year. If civil war again comes back next year, hardly anyone will get shocked in Nepal or abroad.
Almost everyone feel that it is the political leaders who are to be blamed for it. I agree with this idea but at the same time I also feel that the solution to this problem is not in the hands of politicians. It is the people who have to come forward to solve the problem. The politicians are greedy and they don’t want to change anything but they get their support and strength from ordinary people. The mass people have to understand that they have to put the interest of the country first and think of dancing to the tunes of the politicians.

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