Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bhutan and the Happiness Niche in Business World

Chip Conley has written an excellent article in Huffington Post: What Business Leaders Can Learn From Bhutan. He has praised the goal of increasing Gross National Happiness by Bhutanese Government instead of focusing too much on Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Chip Conley thinks that business leaders can learn from this matter. He thinks that small business owners should try to learn from Bhutanese example. You know that small business owners often have a rough time in competing against the big companies.
He is right because from my own experience, I know that it is very difficult to survive as a small business owner. Mr. Conley thinks that the best strategy for small business owners should be to focus on a small niche that they like and try to be the best in it. After reading his entry, I realized that I have to do the same thing. I have been trying to manage a small blog network of 14 blogs and it put a lot of stress on me lately. Today, I realized that I should just focus on the blog that I enjoy most and really I enjoy this South Asia Blog most.
Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing this blog to succeed because I live in this part of the world. So, I am going to learn from the Bhutanese example. 

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