Thursday, February 4, 2010

India wants to Talk with Pakistan but Nothing More

Indian government has expressed its willingness to talk with Pakistan in the level of foreign secretaries. Pakistan has welcomed the decision. India closed door to its neighbor after the Mumbai terrorist incident on November 2008. Kashmir is the problem that is not going to go away and I am not that hopeful about any improvement in relationship between two countries. Well, the decision makers in both the countries have to change their attitude.
Just a few days ago, Pakistani players were invited to play in Indian Premier League but no Pakistani player was selected. This caused a national outrage in Pakistan. Indian government leaders stated that they had nothing to do behind this and it was a matter of BCCI.
Thus, I believe that Indian government should think of improving cultural relationship between the two countries instead of going for any official level dialogue. Discussion in the level of foreign secretaries will not bring any benefit if cricket ties remain closed.
On the other hand, Pakistani government would have to take the security concerns of India seriously. Anti-India propaganda is a very popular thing among political parties in the country. Same is true in India too.

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