Friday, January 1, 2010

Chetan Bhagat vs Aamir Khan: Is the Truth Really Out There?

Now, there is a war of words between Chetan Bhagat and the makers of ‘3 Idiots’ film. Aamir Khan is acting as the poster boy of ‘3 Idiots’ and it seems that Chetan Bhagat has an impossible battle to fight. If it was just 5 years ago, he would not stand a chance against someone like Aamir Khan and all the people would have laughed at this face. However, this is the age of Internet and thanks to Blogging, everyone has an opportunity to spread their message.
The bone of contention is that Chetan Bhagat is claiming that the movie is ‘largely’ based on his novel “Five Point Someone” and he did not receive any appropriate credit for this. On the other hand, Aamir Khan and others are saying that the movie is ‘loosely’ based on this novel and the script of ‘3 Idiots’ is original and it is Chetan Bhagat who is acting inappropriately.
Chetan Bhagat is a columnist for Dainik Bhaskar & The Times Of India and thus, he is well known to many readers. Now, let us see who said what.
First is Aamir Khan:
"He is trying to take away the credit from the film's writer Abhijat Joshi, which I am very upset about. It is an attempt on his part to try and take the credit away from the person who has actually worked on the script. It's very unfortunate. There should not be any confusion to anyone that Abhijat is our film's writer."
"But in my opinion the credit should be given to Abhijat. For three years, this man has worked on the script. Nobody knows him, but Chetan is a big star."
"Abhijat has written the script and Raju Hirani worked on it. Raju and Abhijat took the idea from Chetan's book. The starting point is Five Point Someone, but after that the script has changed entirely."

So, what Aamir Khan basically said is:
1. Aamir is sure that Abhijat Joshi is the real writer of the movie and it is original script.
2. Chetan Bhagat is acting in a bad way.
3. The starting may have been some similar like Five Point Someone but then there is no similarity.

On the other hand, Chetan Bhagat has written in his own blog:
The only reason it has surfaced after the movie’s release is because Five Point Someone has a few million readers, and when you copy a popular story claiming it as ‘original’ and ‘completely different’, people are going to find out. People did, and so did a lot of media journalists.

The case is as simple as the makers claiming the story as their own, and clearly it is not. Pre-release, the makers made press statements like  the movie is only ‘very loosely’, ‘2%-5% inspired by the book’.  After release, those who have read the book and seen the movie (and frankly, I think those are the only people who have the right to comment) find the film to be an adaptation of Five Point Someone. The setting, characters, plotline, dramatic twists and turns, one-liners, theme, message – almost all aspects that make up the story are from FPS. Yes, there are some changes, any adaptation requires that – but it is no way an original story. Leading movie critics have privately admitted to me that the film is 70% the book. Still, don’t take my word for it – go read the book, watch the film.

The entry is very long and you should read it. Anyway, Mr. Bhagat is saying:
1. It is a best seller book with thousands of readers. So, the readers know already whether ‘3 Idiots’ is largely or loosely based on his nove.
2. The people related to ‘3 Idiots’ contacted him and although he wanted to see the script or see the film in advance was not granted this facility.
3. Aamir Khan has not even read the because "he was told by the makers not to read the book, and he hasn’t."

I am shocked with the third accusation that Aamir Khan has not read the book. If this is true, then Aamir should have been silent about the whole issue.
By the way, the blog entry of Mr. Bhagat has received enormous amount of comments and many visitors supported his claim that the film was largely based on his novel.
I think that the best way to solve this problem is that some writers and journalists watch the movie and read the book and then write about their own opinions.

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  1. Yes, Please Commenter and Mr Aamir khan should first read the book and then speak.... at least dont speak only because you are fed with money.

  2. Aamir is speaking lie....He should first read the book and then comment on Mr. Chetan Bhagat....70% of movie is based on 5 point someone....he should stop giving non sense comment in media and should accept the fact that movie is based on the book. Mr. Chetan Bhagat has it own follower and fan...and I too readed his all the books. All his friends Abhijat and his men...should be not loose the temper as when some loose the temper meaning he is speaking lie and want to dominent saying the it is true story.....NON Sense....we know ur are lier....and aamir dont join Lier community....

  3. I think any creative writter who has fan like me.....Shuld not go to bollywood....they are sucks people's fame.....and you have forget to mention that Amir said "Do you know the name before three idiot get released. I thing Bollywood people shild read more books than watching and copying Hollywood movies, they can give biggest Hit like 3 idiot.....

  4. Aamir, please read the book. The book has provided the core material except for a few nonsensical items in the file like baby delivery, imposter etc.

  5. Aamir sucks....he is a shit....... i dont know in what manner he is perfectionist, if he didnt read FPS before doing 3 Idiot......He is really idiot........shame on u aamir

  6. Amir Khan does not need publicity!!!! Other needs it??

  7. Chetan grow up, u took money signed contract for name in rolling and now creating buzz, so tht u can sell more copies of ur new book tales of 2 cities, and some dumb people are supporting ur claim, 3 idiot team never said, that they dint used FPS as base,watch the movie and decide ur self, The starting point is FPS but later story changes..

  8. these things happen just for gaining media attention.Amir doesnt need this,he is already well istablished-actor,producer.

  9. The whole issue is very unfortunate and as a reader, I am very much with Chetan. I have compiled a few similarities lists between FPS and 3I... One should really be shamed to deny the facts, which speaks themselves.. Check once...

    I humbly request everyone that before coming up with their opinion over it, first give a read to the book.. its not that big thing one cant do. No one, who would have read the book, will find conspiracies in this controversy.

    Chetan is very right