Friday, January 1, 2010

Stores open on new years day for limited times

The year 2009 went away and another year has started. The New Year’s day is a day of celebration in many countries. In the U.S., New Years day is a big day. Various festivals are observed around the country and people go out and enjoy themselves. If you are planning to go on shopping or other works, then you should check out your local retailers, groceries and offices because offices in each area follow their own schedule.

  • Federal, state, county offices and city halls are closed New Year's Day.
  • Local and county libraries will also be closed.
  • All the major banks and in-store banks are closed today.
  • Shopping malls will remain open but according to their hour of choice.
  • Schools are closed New Year's Day.
  • Grocery stores will remain open but for a shorter time and it may vary from place to place. You would have to contact your local store.
  • Trash services will close New Year’s Day but it will presume the next day.
  • Post offices will be closed. No mail will be delivered.
  • Rail services will be running but on limited schedule. You would have to check your near by rail station.
  • Register delivery will also continue for a limited time.

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