Monday, January 11, 2010

The crisis of Indian hockey before world cup 2010

World Cup hockey is going to take place in India next month. The tournament will start on 28th February 2010 and will finish on March 13, 2010. The condition of Indian national hockey team is not that good and no one is expecting that they will win the tournament or even go to the final. However, there is a bigger problem for the sports at this moment. The players are very unhappy with the management and they have walked out of training camp.
Hockey is the national game of India and in Olympics; India has glorious history in this event. However, in the last two decades or may be in the last three decades, the Indian national hockey team has not been able to get any considerable success. As a result, the popularity of this sport has decreased a lot and now, the bad time has really come.
Shah Rukh Khan recently called on supporting the players. One of the main problems is that the players do not get enough money. There is a lack of sponsorship to hockey.
I really can not see any way out for this crisis at the moment. I know that the players will come back to training or most probably already come back but it won’t make that much difference for world cup 2010. 

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