Monday, January 11, 2010

Google Nexus One phone coming to India by Vodafone?

Many consumers in India are interested about Google Nexus One mobile phone but they are perhaps disappointed that there is no news about this handset coming to their market. Well, in United Kingdom, Vodafone is going to bring out this mobile phone to the consumers. We know that Vodafone is also actively present in Indian market and they have been aggressively carrying out promotional activities to expand in Indian market. Thus, there is perhaps some kind of hope that they can bring Nexus One to India.
It is still in their speculation level and their is no concrete news about this matter. I think that there is some kind of demand for Google Nexus One mobile phone in Indian market. The good part is that Vodafone has already become a familiar brand to the people in this country. As a result, if they introduce Google Nexus One then they will not have that much difficulty to make it familiar to the people. 

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  1. it is unofficially available in India through a website called 20North...priced @33k