Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gerald Celente predictions: The Greatest Depression in 2010

Gerald Celente predictions have caused some interest. He stated that 2010 may be the beginning of the greatest depression. Gerald Celente is famous for his predictions in the past. For example, he could rightly talk about the economic downturn of 2008. His logic behind the beginning of a bad time in 2010 is that the US government has spent a lot of money in 2009 for stimulus package. So, people and the government will have less money to spend in 2010. It is surely a shocking thing because now, most people not only in USA but also in other countries have the feeling that the worst is perhaps over. Well, Gerald Celente do not agree with this kind of idea. He thinks that the basic problem of USA is that USA is not the manufacturing base of the world anymore that it once used to be.
The Great Depression happened in USA in the 1930s. Gerald Celente predicts that it will be worse this time.

You can watch the video of Gerald Celente predictions from YouTube here:

Gerald Celente also said that immigration will be a problem because on the one hand, finding cheap workers will be more different. Thus, many immigrant workers will want to go back to their own countries. On the other hand, when economic condition becomes bad then many people in USA will become more angry with immigrants. Thus, he predicts that there will be a solid new third party in USA. Now, the US political system is based on two parties- Democrats and Republicans. Gerald Celente predicts that because of Internet now it is really possible to spread the message of a new political party.

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