Saturday, January 2, 2010

Palindrome Day: USA vs UK

Today is a Palindrome day, why? Just take a look at the date: January 2, 2010. Let me write it according to US style: 01022010 and now let me write is in opposite: 01022010
So, you see that they are same. This is called a Palindrome Day and the next such day would come on November 2, 2011. Well, it is very funny and many people are excited about the whole concept of Palindrome Day. However, you have to remember that when you count with this format: MM-DD-YY then it becomes a Palindrome Day. This is US system and many countries in the world follow British system of Date/Month/Year.

I like the British system mainly because I live in a country where this system if followed. So, naturally, the US system seems to be awkward to me. Still, it is fun to see the concept of Palindrome Day. 

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