Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google Nexus One Phone in India: Price and an iPhone competitor

Google Nexus One mobile phone is perhaps the best news of this New Year. It was a successful media event and launching ceremony from the search engine giant and now it is the time for selling. One of the good things about Nexus One is that it is based on Android platform and thus, the price is expected to be some cheaper than many smart phones. So, many people are interested now. Today, I noticed that many people in India are also interested to know about Google Nexus Phone. They want to when it is coming to India and if it has already come to India then what the price is.
As for pricing, I think that in the US market, Nexus One is some cheaper than Apple’s iPhone. Anyway, in my search, I found that there is no plan at this moment that Nexus One phone will be available in Indian market anytime soon. If I am wrong then please let me know in the comment section and I will update this entry. Having said that, you can get some mobile phones from HTC that runs on Android platform. So, technically, in India, it may be quite sometime before you get an actual Google Nexus One Phone but you can buy a Google Phone from HTC that runs on the same platform of Nexus One.
HTC Magic runs on Google software and in India, it is available through Airtel. If you want to know about the price of HTC Magic in India, then it is better you contact Airtel.  
So, I hope that you are disappointed to hear that Google Nexus One Phone is not available yet in your country. Well, even in USA, it was just launched. And, I think that there is some confusion in India about the term “Google Phone”. Google most of time developed the software and handset manufacturers like HTC made the handset. Even with Nexus, it is the same case but Nexus One is a bit different. With Nexus One, Google is directly entering into the mobile phone market.
Many people feel that Google’s this strategy would put itself in direct competition with Apple in the mobile phone market. In the last two years we have seen some iPhone competitors in the smart phone segment. However, none of them could dent in the popularity of iPhone. Well, the good news for Google is that in Indian market, iPhone is not popular.
When Nexus One comes to Indian market then it will have to compete against smart phone models of Nokia and Samsung. In fact, I wonder if Nexus One will become that popular in Indian market at all because in this market most consumers search for below $100 handsets. A few weeks ago, Samsung Corby Plus and Pro were launched in Indian market and they created a lot of interest. So, things are changing for the Indian market. Both Google and HTC have offices in India and thus, if they want to launch Nexus One here then there should not be any problem. 

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