Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 2010 Transfer Window in EPL and Concern Over Financial Debt

Right now, it is transfer window time for January 2010 in European football. English Premier League is now very popular in South Asia and that is why there is a lot of interest about who will go where. The top 4 clubs are still to become that active in the transfer market. Biplob and I have written 4 separate entries about transfer rumors and news related to the big four clubs:

I think that we have neglected Manchester City as they are now the most active club to buy top players. They have a new owner and new wealth. They just got a new coach a few days ago that made man fans unhappy.
Well, this time, it seems that all the big four clubs are worried about money. Arsenal’s coach Arsene Wenger has been forced to work around a very tight budget because the club has to bear the financial burden of building a new stadium. Liverpool has a different problem and they are not doing well financially. On the other hand, Manchester United has now over $1 billion of loan. So, Sir Alex Ferguson does not know whether he is going to have enough funds in his hand to buy some big players.
Chelsea is in a better condition not because they are financially doing well but because of generous support from their Russian billionaire owner. The same goes for Manchester United who have an owner from UAE. Although they suffered huge loss, they are going to buy some players.

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