Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nexus One Launch Fails to Excite Interest in South Asia

Today, the biggest news in the technology world is the official launch of Google Nexus One mobile phone. I watched the news in CNN and they covered it very well. If now go to Google Trends USA then you will notice that people are searching about it madly. Now, everything else taken some refuge from Nexus One. I remember the same kind of euphoria like the launching day of iPhone. The interesting part was that Google launched it at a press conference and they are promoting it with a website. You can learn more information from this entry of Google Blog.
I visited Google Trends India just now and was surprised at the lack of interest about it among Indian Internet users. Well, it is now, nearly 3 AM in India and that is perhaps why, you cannot find many people searching about it. Tomorrow, we may get a clearer picture. The second reason is that Nexus One wont b available in India at this moment. Also, there is no support for any Indian language for the keyboard or display. The same goes for other mobile markets in region: Bangladesh and Pakistan

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  1. the whole fact of ignoring indian market hurts so much. its like racism. but m really grateful to htc for giving us the hd2 as soon as it was launched