Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maruti Eeco: The new multipurpose car in India

Famous Indian automaker, Maruti Suzuki, unveiled its new multi purpose vehicle, Maruti Eeco. It is a five-door, C segment vehicle, which has been specifically designed for India. The Eeco is the first car in India featuring DSA transmission. It is built to replace Maruti Suzuki’s microvan, Maruti Versa, launched in October 2001.

The Eeco is a spacious car which is built on the platform of Versa and it maintains a similar design to that of the Versa but the Eeco comes with a small and lighter engine. Developed by local engineers, the total development cost of the vehicle as Rs.600 million. Shinzo Nakanishi, managing director, Maruti Suzuki said that the Versa gave them a lot of learning but it did not sell much. They hoped that the demand for the new Maruti Eeco will be good as it is reasonably priced. Nitrobahn reports:

The EECO comes slightly lower (1800mm) than the other MPV’s from the Maruti staple like the aging Maruti Omni and Versa. The EECO is 3675 mm long, 1475 mm wide, with a wheel base of 2350 mm and a turning radius of a reasonable 4.5 meters. Some of the notable features include sliding driver seats, dual-tone styling, tubeless tyres, and a powerful braking system.

Colors: Metallic Glistening Grey; Metallic Silky Silver; Metallic Midnight Black;

Metallic Blue Blaze; Bright Red; Superior White.

Fuel efficiency: 15.1 kmpl

Engine: The Maruti Eeco comes with a 1,200 cc engine, transmission system that produces 73 bhp @6000rpm, a high torque of 101Nm@3000rpm. Maruti Suzuki incoporated its latest engine management system. The high-pressure-injection system combined with optimized injectors produces better atomization resulting in low emissions and fuel consumption.

Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission system with the Diagonal Shift

Assistance (DSA) technology.

Emission: The Eeco is the fourth model to adopt BS-IV compliant and ELV compliant. Indian government would start following the BS-IV from April 1, 2010.

The car uses ecologically harmful substances such as Chromium, Cadmium, Mercury and Lead only within the permissible limits as per European standards. This ensures that the materials of the vehicle are recyclable. It is also BS-IV compliant which the Indian government would start implementing from April 2010.

Price: The non-AC version 5-seater would cost Rs.2,58,000.

The 7-seater non-AC version costs Rs. 2,71,000.

The 5-seather AC version would cost Rs.2,89,000.

Here is the press release from Maruti Suzuki:

Maruti Suzuki launches Eeco

All-new spacious family car to sport new 1,200 cc engine, transmission system

· Focus on ‘A Big Car’ with space and

comfort for family

· Superior functionality and drivability

· Flexi-seating with 5 and 7 seater options

· Roomy interiors

· Sliding doors add to ease entry and exit

· Air-conditioning

· Range of six exhilarating colours

· BS-IV compliant

· Superior, in-house developed 1200 cc

petrol engine with 73 bhp power

· First-time ever DSA transmission

· Petrol Fuel efficiency 15.1 kmpl

· Beige and grey dual-tone interiors

· High ground clearance

· ELV compliant

NEW DELHI, January 7, 2010: Maruti Suzuki, the country’s number one automobile

manufacturer, has launched Eeco, an all-new spacious family car.

The Maruti Suzuki Eeco is a five-door, C segment vehicle, which has been specifically

designed for India by the auto-major.

Eeco comes with a new, powerful and highly fuel efficient 1200 cc engine. This new

engine delivers 73 bhp of raw power @6000rpm, a high torque of 101Nm@3000rpm

specifically designed to meet the Indian driving conditions.

The Eeco comes with a flexi design, offering 7-Seater and 5-seater options. It also offers


On the occasion, Mr. Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director and CEO, Maruti Suzuki said,

Eeco performs the twin objectives of being a spacious family car and a dependable

vehicle to run businesses. Maruti Suzuki engineers have especially developed the Eeco,

its new powerful engine, and a new transmission system to meet the diverse consumer

aspirations that look for a vehicle that fits a large family and at the same time provides

flexibility for dual use. Towards this objective, Eeco will be a new powerful attraction.

Maruti Suzuki is spearheading the adoption of more stringent BSIV norms and Eeco is

the fourth model to meet these norms well ahead of the April 2010 deadline.

In line with the Maruti Suzuki philosophy of making its range of vehicles environment

friendly, Eeco is yet another offering from Maruti Suzuki stable which is ELV compliant.

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Styling: Exterior and Interior

The Eeco is designed to meet the functional needs of its owner – be it personal such as an

outing with family or for business.

Its exterior continues the long standing Maruti Suzuki tradition of combining functional

design with spacious volume. Trendy and contemporary body graphics adorn the sides of

car giving it an appealing look. With balanced proportions, the 155/R13LT sized tubeless

tyres add to the smooth, yet powerful drive with a good grip on the road.

The dual tone interiors in shades of beige and grey provide a rich and spacious feeling.

The seats have been especially designed with integrated head-rest to make for a

comfortable ride. The digital meter cluster adds to the driver convenience as well as a

sophisticated feel.

Stance and Space

The overall dimensions make the vehicle spacious and stable. The proportions lend an

outstanding ergonomic layout with ample legroom and headroom at the front and rear for

passengers apart from providing a comfortable driving position. The presence of sliding

doors offers eases entry and exit for passengers even in congested road conditions.


The Eeco platform complies with all safety norms prevailing in the country. The turning

radius of 4.5 metres with suspension system, tuned specifically for Indian road conditions,

offers superior riding comfort, stability and handling.

Superior 1200 cc petrol engine

Eeco has a powerful new four-cylinder 1200cc engine, which has been conceived and

designed at Maruti Suzuki. The concept given to the engine designers was to deliver the

best fuel efficiency and at the same time, make it more driver-friendly.

Maruti Suzuki engineers worked on incorporating the latest technologies for making this

engine deliver the best fuel efficiency in its class, while meeting the driveability

requirements of the Indian consumer.

The engine management system incorporated in the vehicle is the latest from Maruti

Suzuki. A high-pressure-injection system with optimized injectors has resulted in better

atomization resulting in low emissions and fuel consumption.

A high compression ratio was chosen for this engine to improve the Combustion

efficiency. At the same time, engineers incorporated a knock sensor to protect the engine

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in case of any fuel variations. This combination also helped in improving the low end

torque response from the engine making it more drivable in low-speed city traffic

conditions. Intake and exhaust systems were optimized for proper breathing and hence

smoother power delivery across the full rpm range.

Maruti Suzuki engineers also worked on the friction development of the engine to

improve fuel consumption. The engine features low friction design pistons and rings, low

viscous engine oil, which makes it possible for this 1.2 litre engine to churn out a

maximum power of 73 bhp and a maximum torque of 101 Nm and at the same time

delivering a superior fuel-economy of 15.1kmpl, while meeting BSIV Emission norms.

Superior power train with DSA technology

The Eeco uses the 5-speed manual transmission system with the Diagonal Shift

Assistance (DSA) technology__which has been extensively worked on to match the new

engine to provide better fuel consumption. This DSA technology leads to an improved

and gliding diagonal gear shift. The system eases diagonal motion and allows for a gear

change without any break in continuity of the action, thereby improving the gear shift


Environment friendly

The Eeco is ELV (End of Life for Vehicles) compliant which means it uses Lead,

Cadmium, Mercury and Chromium within permissible limits. All four of these substances

can cause irreparable damage to the environment if used indiscriminately. The ELV

regulations are yet to be adapted by the Indian automobile industry. In addition, the BS

IV compliant, environment friendly engine makes the Eeco truly India’s first Green Car

among C segment vehicles

Specially Designed for India

Having been specially designed for India, the Eeco has a superior suspension which

allows for a smooth and comfortable ride on rough Indian roads. All seats, front, middle

or rear are equally convenient to access and individually designed to be comfortable.

Eeco is available with air-conditioning option to combat the extreme climates in the


These features make Eeco the most suitable vehicle for large Indian families that want a

vehicle for both – work and family outings and fun together.

A team of engineers worked on Eeco for over two years when it was subjected to various

rigorous R&D tests regarding safety, stability, transmission system, engine system

durability and calibration, Fuel compatibility, passenger comfort among others.

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Eeco represents the growing expertise of Maruti Suzuki engineers to conceive, design

and produce vehicles in India. This is also in line with parent Suzuki Motor Corporation’s

vision of turning India into a global hub for small car design.

Eeco is offered in an array of six exhilarating colors:

_ Metallic Glistening Grey _ Metallic Silky Silver _ Metallic Midnight Black

_ Metallic Blue Blaze _ Bright Red _ Superior White

For more information, please contact:

Corporate Communications,

Maruti Suzuki India Limited,

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Ph: 91-11-46075414, 46781113-1115, 46781000


Aditya Chatterjee / Anubha Vaish

Adfactors PR Pvt Ltd

New Delhi

Ph: 91-11-40565100


At the Delhi Auto Expo Maruti Suzuki also showcased an electric version named “Eeco Charge.” It is developed by Maruti engineers but the company will not launch it pretty soon. Maruti Suzuki is planning to introduce a CNG version of the Eeco.


  1. I am owning a versa car for last 4.5 years and I am satisfied with except high consumption. However, Eeco looks better. Is there any exchange programm with old cars like versa so that I could think positively.

  2. The EECO is definately a big leap forward on both the failed Versa as well as the Omni. The latest, state of the art, and powerful Bharat Stage 4 engine that is highly fuel efficient and offers a high mileage of 15.1Kms. per Liter, smoother gear changing, an improved and better suspension for a softer ride, a sliding driver's seat for better driving comfort, a completely redesigned interior with redesigned seats for more comfort, a unique two-seat second row seat (in the 7-seater EECO) that permits second and third row passengers to change seats inside the moving car, more leg room and shoulder space for all seats while maximizing luggage space, a flat bed cabin floor despite being a rear-wheel drive car, a lowered roof improving the car's stability at high speeds,and more convenient entry and exit for rear seat passengers, the list of improvements goes on and on, and all this at a very affordable price for a cute, ENTRY-LEVEL MUV! No other car manufacturer in India has ever done so much in response to customers aspirations and given so much for such a rock-bottom price! Maruti-Suzuki has responded like a true leader of the Indian Automobile Industry and done all that was expected of them. My heartiest congratulations to Maruti-Suzuki on launching the EECO, which is destined to be a resounding success. What's more, the EECO has no competition from any other MUV manufacturer in India, feature for feature, price for price! No other MUV manufacturer has any plans to launch a Low-Priced, ENTRY-LEVEL MUV for the newly rich middle class Indian. They are all too busy appeasing the rich and super rich car buyers with expensive MUVs. The ENTRY-LEVEL, Mini-MUV field is wide open for the EECO to conquer, and the EECO is undoubtedly the uncrowned king of the Mini-MUV class of cars. However, one wishes Maruti-Suzuki would make a superb EECO even better by offering an A.C. 7-Seater model and also an EECO DUO model that uses Petrol as well as CNG as fuels. A DUO EECO would be the EECO's crowning glory, making it truly Eco-friendly, because buyers of the car will be able to use CNG within city limits and help control pollution while saving immensely on fuel costs, while using the petrol option on long out of city drives, which will also give them a good mileage, and help save money again.
    Whichever fuel he chooses, the buyer of the Maruti-Suzuki EECO is the clear Winner.

  3. It is really a good look to the middle class family but still if you provide some more accessories like carrier for seven seater on the to and the last seat could be a folded method so that we can use the car really for the multi purpose. Will you consider this?

  4. what about Power Steering and windows, no mention about them at all ?


  6. I have gone for test drive. Excellent pickup and spacious. I have booked one EECO. But the disappointment is there is no Power Steering in it. Kindly plan for it before I take delivery.

    Thank You.

    On behalf of all the EECO customers,

  7. I took a test drive here are the points noted.
    Its heavier steering than a sumo which weighs double this.No crumple zones provided inspite of mention in catalogue,keep searching you will crumple yourself.Very thin side impact beams welded to the frame of door only for name sake donot expect any high safety like indica or santro.DSA is a big culprit shift is very hard so is the clutch
    .If you thought engine located at front nose you are wrong its under driver seat and heat gives way into cabin and a/c suffers by atleast 20 percent.Engine gearbox casing is aluminium but located at vulnerable spot underneath just bend and see the location , one small run over the road divider will blast the crank case and gear box housing forever .Rear luggage place is higher than rear seat platform ,if you areplanning to remove rear seat and make room for long items better be careful it is at two different floor heights ,rear most windows at sides have fixed glas there by increasing heat in case of a/c not on.Ac has vintage sliding controls first seen on maruthi 1000 in 1990's also the steering wheel belongs to vintage .Also test drive the vehicle at night you will be in for a shock very bad focus and brightness of H.Lamps.Fuel gauge and tripmeter is done away with a cheaplooking low quality digital odometer cum fuel gauge anyone can fiddle with to manipulate reading intervals of run in KMS.All seats are fitted with cheapest awailable foam its like Hindustan trekker seat if one remembers
    including the bottom frame quality of rear seats.
    6th row plat form is not integral ,beware its welded to monocoque decreasing rigidity of joints.So is their stategy to make and sell as there is no competition for this and demand is more so sell crap and make moneis a age old suzuki strategy

  8. Hi, I am planning to book maruti eeco, I am impressed with the ad. and for the family size of 7 of us, it is ideal vehicle. I am booking nextweek and would get the eeco by June, before that, I request you to introduce powersteering

    thank you

  9. Respected sir I would like to inform that sir already i have 92 model 800.18 years i running this vehicle beacuse i like this vehicle.I would like to upgrade my car. I have 6 members in my family but eeco 7 seater have no ac.sir other vehicle have huge price so please produce a 7 seater eeco.yours faithfully Arun thomson

  10. Good family car with just an average performance and great design. It looks comfortable and is also very affordable.