Saturday, January 9, 2010

South Asia Blog is one Year Old

I am delighted to inform you that this blog (South Asia Blog) is now on year’s old. In fact, I noticed that this domain became alive on 5 January 2009 and thus, we have already passed one year. The blog started in a very promising note and in the last one year, we achieved some good amount of success. It received more than 700,000 page views and I consider it to be a grand success as far as traffic is concerned. It also achieved Page Rank 6 and it was linked by many blogs and websites.
In fact, South Asia Blog grew so much that we had problem with shared hosting and we had to delete all entries and changed hosting and blogging platforms in June 2009. It was a tragic thing that re devastated me. From July, I became sick and could not give enough time for this blog. Fortunately, now, I think that I have become better and I can start.
The main goal was to write about business and economy of South Asian region. At first, we could do that very well but one thing after another happened and we lost track. Now, we are gradually trying to go back to our original mission.
We are expecting a very good 2010 for South Asia Blog. I have understood that if we work regularly then huge traffic will come for this blog. Yes, I want huge traffic because it brings good revenue and who does not want that their entries are read by thousands of people every day! At least, I want that. It bring very good feeling and some good income too. I want to focus on writing quality entries in this blog from now. I also want that South Asia Blog emerges as one of the top business and economy blogs in Internet within next one year and I really hope to work very hard with this goal in mind. 

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  1. Nice to hear about completing year to blog...

    have a great blogging fun...